Privacy Policy
Canis-Equus is a private online game meant to bring together people of similar interests. Children under 13 MUST get parental permission before playing this game due to the collecting of personal information.
Canis-Equus collects e-mail addresses (at the time of joining; player specifically enters it) and usage statistics (ongoing; as a player accesses the website). Emails are used for verifying accounts and banning players that have misbehaved. Usage statistics are collected anonymously and used for optimization of the site and for marketing purposes. None of this information will ever be sold to a third party; however, should the game be sold, this information will transfer to the new owner.
Canis-Equus does not knowingly collect other personal information.
Parents may view the information listed on their child's account. If the parent decides that the information should not be shared, the parent may message account #1 and request that the account be deleted. There are no refunds for deleted accounts.
February 23, 2018 @ 10:16 pm
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