Terms of Service
By creating a Canis-Equus.com account and/or playing the Canis-Equus game, all users (including anyone who accesses or creates any Canis-Equus.com account) agree to be bound by all of the following rules, terms, and conditions (referred to collectively as the Terms of Service, or ToS). The ToS may be altered at any time without notice. All users are required to follow the ToS and all included terms and conditions at all times. Canis-Equus.com is primarily intended for users age 10 and above. Any user under the age of 13 must have parental permission to create or access any account on Canis-Equus.com.
Canis-Equus.com is an online game based on the showing and breeding of fake horses and dogs which do not represent actual animals. Game currency, events, items, animals, and other articles present in the game do not represent real items and are only for use within the game. Actual currency is referred to ONLY for purchases of upgraded accounts by users.
Canis-Equus.com users acknowledge that the Canis-Equus is a service provided as-is. Canis-Equus.com is under no obligation to continue or alter its services or to provide compensation to users for downtime or lost in-game accounts, items, or currency. In the unlikely event that Canis-Equus.com should cause harm to a user, a user's property, or anything else, Canis-Equus.com and its staff cannot and will not be held responsible. Users create and access Canis-Equus.com accounts and services at their own risk.
Canis-Equus.com is not under any obligation to provide refunds to any user for any reason. Users may have Canis-Equus.com account privileges and features revoked as the result of any behavior deemed unacceptable by Canis-Equus.com staff, including but not limited to plagiarism, exploitation of errors or bugs, unapproved use of programs for advancement within the game, and inappropriate use of words, images, or other content. Canis-Equus.com reserves the right to restrict or deny any account or account feature for any user for any reason at any time.
Users accept full responsibility for and liability of any and all content they choose to display on Canis-Equus.com. Canis-Equus.com is not responsible for any plagiarized or inappropriate content displayed by a user; the individual user displaying the material alone will be held responsible. Canis-Equus.com will take legal action against those users who choose to post inappropriate or illegal content.
Users who attempt to advance themselves or their in-game animals/items through the use of any unapproved program will have their account(s) banned and will no longer have the privilege to create or access any Canis-Equus.com account. Canis-Equus.com will take legal action against any user who attempts to harm the server or game through the use of such a device.
Every user is obligated to report any errors, bugs, or inappropriate content that he or she comes into contact with. Deliberate exploitation of any such material will result in a suspension or ban on the offending user's account(s). Canis-Equus.com cannot be held responsible for in-game losses due to bugs or errors, and is not obligated to restore any in-game articles that may be lost or altered as the result of a bug or error.
All content of Canis-Equus.com is the property of April Teed. Users agree to not plagiarize or claim ownership to any content of Canis-Equus.com.
Upon becoming a user of Canis-Equus.com, you agree to allow Canis-Equus.com staff to collect personal information and IP addresses for its own marketing and tracking purposes. User information will not be sold to third parties unless that third-party purchases ownership of the Canis-Equus.com game in its entirety.
February 23, 2018 @ 10:14 pm
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